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Category Year Conference Name Title Author Acceptance Rate
Other-Journal 2011 JISE A Generic Multi-Dimensional Scan-Control Scheme for Test-Cost C.-Y. Lin and H.-M. Chen
Other-Journal 2011 JISE Design Planning with 3D-Via Optimization in Alternative Stacking Integrated Circuits C.-H. Lu, H.-M. Chen, and C.-N. Liu
Other-Journal 2010 IEICE On Reducing Test Power, Volume and Routing Cost by Chain Reordering and Test Compression Techniques C.-Y. Lin, L.-C. Hsu, and H.-M. Chen
Other-Journal 2009 IJEE A Methodology with Selective Pattern Compression Schemes on Reducing Test Power and Test Volume C.-Y. Lin, H.-C. Lin, and H.-M. Chen
Other-Journal 2008 WSEAS A Multi-layer Obstacles-Avoiding Router Using X-Architecture Y.-C. Lin, H.-A. Chien, C.-C. Shih, and H.-M. Chen
Other-Journal 2008 IJEE Dual-Vdd Voltage Island-Aware Buffered Routing Tree Construction Bruce Tseng and H.-M. Chen
Other-Journal 2008 JISE An Effective Decap Insertion Method Considering Power Supply Noise During Floorplanning C.-H. Lu, H.-M. Chen, and C.-N. Liu