VDA VLSI Design Automation Lab

Department of electronics engineering,
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
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Basic Information

Pic Degree Gender Entry Year Name English Name
Professor Professor M 陳宏明
Email Occupation
hmchen@mail.nctu.edu.tw 國立交通大學電子工程學系
Office Voice Fax
ED[Engr. Bldg. 4] 407, 工四館407 +886-3-5731626 +886-3-5710580
Current Teaching

Introduction to Electronic Design Automation (Junior and Senior)
Digital Circuits and Systems (Sophomore)

Past Teaching

Computer Programming (I, II) (Freshmen)
Assembly Language (Sophomore)
Discrete Mathematics (Sophomore)
Advanced Algorithms (Graduate)
Introduction to VLSI/SoC Physical Design Automation (Graduate)
VLSI Design for Manufacturability (Graduate)


Ongoing Research Topics (under construction)
Curriculum Vitae
VLSI Design Automation Research Lab (VDA Lab Introduction Slides)


Organizer: EDA Forum in Taiwan 2004-2008
TPC member: VLSI Design/CAD Symp. 2004-present, ACM/IEEE ASP-DAC 2007 and 2009, IEEE SOCC 2006-present, IEEE VLSI-DAT 2009-present, SASIMI 2009-present
OC member: IEEE MTDT 2007, ICFPT 2008, VLSI Design/CAD Symp. 2008, ACM/IEEE ASP-DAC 2010, SASIMI 2010


2008 and 2009 NCTU Excellent Teacher Awards
2007 MOE SoC Consortium Outstanding Service Award