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Basic Information

Pic Degree Gender Entry Year Name English Name
Sniealu PhD M 2007 劉時穎 Sean Shih-Ying Liu
Email Occupation
sniealu@gmail.com 新思科技


Category Year Conference Name Title Author
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2015 ISPD Closing the Gap between Global and Detailed Placement: Techniques for Improving Routability C.-K. Wang, C.-C. Huang, Sean S.-Y. Liu, C.-Y. Chin, S.-T. Hu, W.-C. Wu and H.-M. Chen
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2015 ASP-DAC An Approach to Anchoring and Placing High Performance Custom Digital Designs Sean S.-Y. Liu, T.-C. Chen, H.-M. Chen
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2014 ICCAD Planning and Placing Power Clamps for Effective CDM Protection H. C. Lin, Sean S.-Y. Liu and H.-M. Chen
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2014 VLSI-DAT An Automatic Synthesis Tool for Nanometer Low Dropout Regulator Using Simulation Based Model and Geometric Programming Shih-Hsin Hsu, Wei-Zen Chen, Jui-Pin Zheng, Sean S.-Y. Liu, Po-Cheng Pan, and Hung-Ming Chen
ACM-IEEE-Journal 2014 TCAD ACER: An Agglomerative Clustering Based Electrode Addressing and Routing Algorithm for Pin-Constrained EWOD Chips Sean S.-Y. Liu, C.-H. Chang, H.-M. Chen and T.-Y. Ho
ACM-IEEE-Journal 2013 TVLSI Fast Thermal Aware Placement With Accurate Thermal Analysis Based on Green Function Sean S.-Y. Liu, R.-G. Luo, S. Aroonsantidecha, C.-Y. Chin and H.-M. Chen
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2013 DATE Effective Power Network Prototyping via Statistical-Based Clustering and Sequential Linear Programming (Accept as Regular) Sean S.-Y. Liu, C.-J. Lee, C.-C. Huang, H.-M. Chen
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2013 DATE A Network-Flow Based Algorithm For Power Density Mitigation at Post-Placement Stage (Accept as IP) Sean. S-Y. Liu, R.-G. Lo and H.-M. Chen
ACM-IEEE-Journal 2013 TODAES Agglomerative-Based Flip-Flop Merging and Relocation for Signal Wirelength and Clock Tree Optimization Sean S.-Y. Liu, W.-T. Lo, C.-J. Lee, H.-M. Chen
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2012 ASP-DAC A Fast Thermal Aware Placement With Accurate Thermal Analysis Based On Green Function (Accepted as Regular Paper) S. Aroonsantidecha, Sean S.-Y. Liu, C.-Y. Chin, H.-M. Chen
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2012 ISQED Hierarchical Power Network Synthesis for Multiple Power Domain Designs (Accepted as Regular Paper) C.-J. Lee, Sean S.-Y. Liu, C.-C. Huang and H.-M. Chen
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2012 DATE Agglomerative Based Flip-Flop Merging for Power Optimization (Accepted as Regular Paper) Sean S.-Y. Liu, C.-J. Lee and H.-M. Chen

Honorable Mention

Year Title Content
2014 ISPD Contest 2014

[賀] VDAPlace 榮獲 2014 ISPD Contest第一名

2014 CAD Contest 2014

賀 VDA-TP 榮獲 CAD Contest 定題組第二名!

2013 CAD Contest 2013

恭賀 劉時穎, 胡盛德同學獲得 2013 Cad Contest 馬拉松組 第二名

2012 ICCAD Routability Driven Contest

恭賀劉時穎,秦敬雨, 胡盛德,黃川嘉 Team VDAPlace獲得 2012 ICCAD Placement Contest 第四名

2012 教育部IC/CAD競賽

恭賀劉時穎,秦敬雨, 胡盛德,黃川嘉 Team VDAPlace獲得 2012 IC/CAD 競賽 特優

2008 書卷獎


Responsible Course TA

Date Course Name Designed Labs Grad/Under
2012 Physical Design Automation Designed Labs


2010 Physical Design Automation Designed Labs


2010 Training Designed Labs


2010 IntroEDA Designed Labs


2009 Computer Programming I Designed Labs