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Basic Information

Pic Degree Gender Entry Year Name English Name
Benbean wb Post-Doc M 2007 潘柏丞 Po Cheng, Pan
Email Occupation
pocheng.pan@g2.nctu.edu.tw Post-Doc


Category Year Conference Name Title Author
ACM-IEEE-Journal 2015 TCAD A Fast Prototyping Framework for Analog Layout Migration with Planar Preservation P.-C. Pan, C.-Y. Chin, H.-M. Chen, T.-C. Chen, C.-C. Lee and J.-C. Lee
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2014 VLSI-DAT An Automatic Synthesis Tool for Nanometer Low Dropout Regulator Using Simulation Based Model and Geometric Programming Shih-Hsin Hsu, Wei-Zen Chen, Jui-Pin Zheng, Sean S.-Y. Liu, Po-Cheng Pan, and Hung-Ming Chen
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2013 DATE PAGE: Parallel Agile Genetic Exploration toward Utmost Performance for Analog Circuit Design (Accept as Regular) P.-C. Pang H.-C. Lin and H.-M. Chen
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2013 ICCAD Efficient Analog Layout Prototyping by Layout Reuse with Routing Preservation C.-Y. Chin, P.-C. Pan, T.-C. Chen and H.-M. Chen
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2012 ICCAD Configurable Analog Routing Methodology via Technology and Design Constraint Unification P.-C. Pan,H.-M. Chen, Y.-K. Cheng, J. Liu and W.-Y. Hu
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2011 ISQED Integrated Hierarchical Synthesis of Analog/RF Circuits with Accurate Performance Mapping K.-H. Meng, P.-C. Pan, and H.-M. Chen
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2011 ICCAD Fast Analog Layout Prototyping for Nanometer Design Migration Y.-P. Weng, H.-M. Chen, T.-C. Chen, P.-C. Pan, C.-H. Chen, and W.-Z. Chen
ACM-IEEE-Conference 2009 GLVLSI A Stochastic-Based Efficient Critical Area Extractor on OpenAccess Platform B.-C. Chen, H.-M. Chen, L.-D. Huang, and P.-C. Pan

Honorable Mention

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Responsible Course TA

Date Course Name Designed Labs Grad/Under
2011 DesignForManufacture Designed Labs

Industrial Technology Program

2011 Training Designed Labs


2011 Digital Circuit and System Designed Labs


2010 Physical Design Automation Designed Labs


2010 IntroEDA Designed Labs