Hung-Ming Chen (陳宏明)

Dept. of Electronics Engineering and Institute of Electronics
College of Electrical and Computer Engineering
National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu,Taiwan
Office: ED[Engr. Bldg. 4] 407
Voice: +886-3-5731626


  • Current Teaching
    • Object-Oriented Programming (Freshmen)
  • Past Teaching
    • Introduction to Comupters and Programming (Freshmen)
    • Assembly Language (Sophomore)
    • Data Structure (Sophomore)
    • Digital Circuits and Systems (with Verilog) (Sophomore)
    • Discrete Mathematics (Sophomore)
    • Introduction to Electronic Design Automation (Junior and Senior)
    • Advanced Algorithms (Graduate)
    • VLSI Design for Manufacturability (Graduate)
    • Special Topics on CAD (Synthesis and Verification) (Graduate)
    • VLSI Physical Design Automation (Graduate)




  • 2014 Second Prize, ACM/IEEE ICCAD and MOE CAD Contest on Incremental Timing Driven Placement (with W.-C. Wu et al.)
  • 2014 First Prize, ACM ISPD Detailed Routing-Driven Placement Contest (with S. Liu et al.)
  • 2008 and 2009 NCTU Excellent Teaching Awards
  • 2007 MOE SoC Consortium Outstanding Service Award

Last update: Mar 6, 2018